• “Particularly welcomed is the contribution of the Abruzzi guitarist Davide Di Ienno, who simply integrated, with two solo pages, ‘the main course’ of four big compositions, in which the guitar interacts with traditional combinations and more daring ones. Davide Di Ienno easily moves in the most difficult passages, and seems to have plenty absorbed the poetic of the Abruzzi composer.”

    Musica - Roberto Brusotti
  • “This Guitar Works, dedicated to the music of the composer Raffaele Bellafronte from Vasto, is very interesting. Music is also humanity, is warmth, and emotionality. We are capable to be social; we are not only brains, we are in need of melodies, of empathy and warmth. In the end, I think that this is the sense of the music contained in this cd. The credit belongs to the interpreter of the cd: the guitarist Davide Di Ienno. The excellent equilibrium of the sounds impresses. The recording is remarkable."

    Blog Chitarra e Dintorni - Andrea Aguzzi
  • “Davide Di Ienno, twenty-four-year-old young man and fellow citizen of the composer, is a guitarist with undeniable virtuous qualities. His propensity for the exploration of the timbre and the cure of the articulation make his interpretations deep and mature, as appears in the piece for solo guitar (like the Rapsodia Metropolitana, which opens the cd) and in the chamber works alike, in which the guitarist develops a dialogue with the various instruments with coherence and professionalism. In the complex, the work arouses interest for the music of the skillful composer and for the interpreters as well, guided by a guitarist who has pleasant surprises in store.”

    Seicorde - Ermanno Brignolo
  • “The talent of the guitarist Davide Di Ienno – always brilliant and never too much conservative – is also revealed by the non-excessive exasperation of the movement of his hand, whose touch is not too dark.” - Carlo Campanile